Strategic Intelligence

One of our main services is Commercial Intelligence

Commercial Intelligence  Leveraging our expansive global human-source network, we procure invaluable commercial insights that synergize with our clients’ due diligence efforts or equip them with enhanced information for strategic market and sector expansion. Our discerning insights serve to optimize value realization, empower clients with refined opportunity assessment, and confer a competitive advantage in negotiation endeavors.

  • Commercial capabilities of management teams
  • Integrity of relationships with key customers
  • Viability of target’s growth plan
  • Competitive positioning
  • Regulatory outlook
  • New market entry risks and opportunities
  • Pre-hire screening

The Roy takes a direct, creative and cost-effective approach to Reputational Intelligence

Our efforts in reputational intelligence concentrate on recognizing significant risks and potential indicators of non-compliance. Our product is extensively researched, thoroughly validated, and delivers contextual, evidence-driven insights to facilitate improved decision-making. We aim to empower decisions by utilizing the most comprehensive information suite at our disposal.

  • Evaluation of the target company’s reputation
  • Assessment of the management team’s standing
  • Analysis of ABC, AML, sanctions/UBO risks
  • Examination of the integrity of the supply chain
  • Investigation into potential human rights violations
  • Evaluation of Politically Exposed Person (PEP) exposure
  • Conducting source of wealth investigations