Cyber Advisory

Cybersecurity Risk Mitigation

The Defensive Cyber team is tasked with meticulously identifying and characterizing cyber risks that pose significant potential financial, regulatory, reputational, or safety-related impacts on business operations. Our approach involves quantifying the potential costs associated with inaction. We develop comprehensive, costed actionable plans for resolution, complete with assigned ownership, proposed technologies, and progress models to systematically track and ensure the successful remediation of identified vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity Assessment and Advisory

Employing a tailored strategy, our team of government-trained specialists conducts rigorous testing to fortify your cybersecurity infrastructure. Our services encompass penetration testing, dark net monitoring, and the application of our proprietary The Roy Advanced Threat Attack Simulations. Our expertise extends to providing strategic guidance on enhancing the defense mechanisms safeguarding critical tasks within your networks.

Pre-Transaction Cybersecurity Assessment

In the pre-deal phase, we assist our clients in discerning pivotal cyber risks, scrutinizing technical cyber defenses, evaluating cyber maturity, and quantifying the prospective remediation costs associated with target companies. Our methodology involves a comprehensive approach, combining external assessments with privileged access to management and information systems.

Sophisticated Threat Attack Simulations

Our advanced offensive solution surpasses conventional penetration testing by emulating the tactics, techniques, and procedures employed by nation-state caliber threat actors. We meticulously identify vulnerabilities in your defenses, outline the methodologies threat actors may employ to exploit these gaps, ascertain the potential compromise of digital assets, evaluate business impact, and quantitatively assess the associated risk.

Cybersecurity Maturity Assessments

We execute top-tier cybersecurity reviews tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Our approach involves designing customized cybersecurity frameworks aligned with industry standards and regulations. We meticulously establish Board-level risk tolerance, define current and target maturity levels, and formulate comprehensive, costed, and time-bound implementation strategies.

  • Regulatory outlook.
  • New market entry risks and opportunities.
  • Pre-hire screening.