Providing an active layer of protection against cyber attacks, data leakage and other threats to organizations.


Often, our customers find their reputation under online attack by anonymous rivals or under a guiding identity. The statements made almost on blogs, comments in new articles and on social networks can greatly affect a person or company’s reputation. The Roy exposes negative campaigns aimed at defaming its customers, including identities, biases, motives and conflicts of those who make false statements, and allows customers to take steps to silence them.


Today, mobile telephone devices have become a prime target for attackers, and innumerable tools can be purchased for tracking and gathering information using mobile devices. Our firm specializes in performing checks that cover all attack methodologies. Among other things, we specialize in detecting mobile phone hacks, information theft, malware files, zero-day attacks, and information leaks. We gather information concerning our clients’ competitors or other point of interest whether commercial, legal, technological or personal in nature. Whether for recruiting a senior executive, collecting evidence for any potential future needs or economic status of competitors operations, specific and targeted information gathering is a powerful tool. We specialize in all types of computer investigations. Our cyber team includes veterans of the Israel defense establishment with extensive experience in this field. We update our tests and systems daily according to the dynamic attack methodologies and breaches that have been exposed and are used by the attackers. Over the years, we have identified dozens of spyware programs, and have helped to solve extremely complicated cases and identify attackers

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